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Gambling is and has always been a fun and addictive pastime. Over the past years, and with the advancement in technology, games such as slots that were widely associated with gambling became popular in casinos. Marked by cheap betting limits, big winnings, and a widely satisfying range of themes and noises that the machines make every time the lever was pulled, slots quickly became a staple for casinos.

Unfortunately, the brick and mortar casinos were faced with the space factor. These establishments wanted to bring in more slot machines to their establishments to no avail. Frustrated with this issue, they thought of taking their services online, which finally gave birth to the online casinos and consequently online games. Online slots quickly started to evolve, adapt and change in order to suit the needs of players and the technology. At the turn of the new millennium, we had the regular video slots, which had basic features found in the land based slot machine game. 

With time, they progressed to include different in-game features, such as wild and scatter symbols, and with the development of display technology and the invention of smartphones came 3D slots. In 2018 and probably in the coming few years, we are going to see virtual reality together with the skill-based games.

In this mobile slots review, we are going to focus on mobile slots, looking at some of the significant features, how to play them among other things.

Mobile Slots Guide

There are thousands of different themed titles to choose from online. Many trusted online casinos to visit and even play free slots, which won’t eat up your life savings. Add the convenience of being able to enjoy these games casually through your tablet or smartphone adds another plus to the variety.

Below, we look at some of the different types of mobile slots that you’ll come across online.

Types of Mobile-Friendly Slots

1. Straight – These games have a fixed set of winnings. While playing them, you always know what you are expecting as the payout based on the amount that you’ve bet and the symbols that you’ve matched on the reels.

2. Video – They are the contemporary games. They came immediately after the land based slots and since have become very popular among players. The outstanding features of video slots include multiple paylines, multiple in-game bonus rounds, and features such as scatters, wilds and multipliers!  

3. 3D – They are more or less the same as video slots only that they feature enhanced graphics and animations. If you are looking for the best 3D mobile games, we highly recommend those developed by Betsoft. They are innovators of 3D mobile slots in the industry, with their games coming with unique features.

4. Skill-Based – Millennials are changing so many things including how we play casino games online. Skill-based mobile slots are a result of millennials, who as opposed to the traditional ones, prefer playing games that reward them according to merit.

Not following, look at this example. If you’ve played a video game, you’ll agree with us that you are usually rewarded based on how good you perform as the game progresses. This is the same concept with the skilled based slots. Better skilled players stand a chance of receiving better rewards than the average player.

5. Jackpot – Jackpot mobile slots are the hot cake for games online. They are the most sought-after games online because of the large payouts they possess and the winnings they promise winners. There are two types of jackpots online:

  • The flat based jackpots, which have a fixed amount of money. They are sometimes referred to stand alone jackpot slots.

  • The progressives, which have the prize money in the pot grow every time someone plays the game. What usually happens is that these games are usually linked together across all online casinos offering the game. Each time someone plays the game, a small percentage goes into the pot and consequently resulting in the growth of the pot.

Mobile Slots Rules – How to Play

In mobile slots, the rules of play vary from one game to another, but your main objective is to line up three or more of the same symbol on an active payline. This happens to those that have between 3 and 25 paylines.

There are also the ‘ways to win’ mobile slot games. These games have ways to win instead of the typical paylines, and with these type of games, your main objective is to land three or more similar symbols on adjacent reels starting from the first reel to win.

Either way, with ways to win or payline mobile slots, if the symbols of the game appear in the required place, you will receive a payout. The amount you win depends mostly on the symbols you land on the reels, the number and the rules of the game you are playing.

Choosing Your Bet Limits & Activating Paylines

Getting the hang of how to play mobile slots couldn’t be any easier! To start playing, follow the steps below:

  • Set the number of paylines you’d like to play. You can do this by using the + or – buttons, usually located at the bottom of the page. For slots with 243 ways of winning, this step isn’t necessary as all the paylines are always active.

  • Once you are satisfied with the number of paylines active, choose your bet value. You can also do this by using the – and + buttons.

  • Click on the spin button to set the reels spinning. Cross your fingers and hope for the best outcome.

PS: In other instances, you might come across a game that features the Bet Max and Autoplay feature. What these features help you is to set the maximum bet possible in the game and choose the number of times you’d like the reels to automatically spin themselves respectively.

Mobile Slots FAQs

Can I play the games for free?

Majority of the mobile slot games are usually available in free to play and real money modes. Software developers normally assume that you might want to try the game before playing it using your real money hence the free to play mode.

Do mobile video slots feature bonuses?

One reason why mobile video slots are very popular among players is the bonus features found in the game. You are bound to come across bonus rounds such as the free spins, gamble bonus game, journey bonuses, spin the wheel bonuses among many others.

Can I win real money playing with the bonuses?

Of course, you can. Online casinos offer you with bonuses which you can use to play the different video slots and win real money in the process!

What is the maximum bet limit for each game?

This varies from one video slot to another, but generally, bets range from as low as €0.01 up to a maximum of €200. Gaming with the maximum bet is usually the most recommended option because it not only increases your chances of winning, but it also guarantees you massive wins in the event of a win.

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